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About us

Top Cado is a wholesaler of
tableware, accessories, decorative
items and lighting that make
perfect gifts and add a distinctive
touch to interiors.

And yet Top Cado is not just a wholesaler. We are innovators and have a strategic edge. We introduce new products that seamlessly meet clients’ unique needs and have an in-depth understanding of the ever evolving market. Since 1974, Top Cado has been a leader. We are renowned for our huge variety and approach to client service. This has led to true customer loyalty and long-term business relationships. We just deliver more. Top Cado is your one stop wholesaler with a diverse selection that meets all your needs. While we are headquartered in Lebanon, we deliver our exceptional products across the Middle East. Given our long-standing expertise, network, and connections, we offer you the brands you love at highly competitive prices.


Top Cado aims to answer client’s needs, tastes, and preferences. This is why we carefully select every single item based on our substantial insight into local and regional demands and even create our own product lines to fill gaps in the market.


Top Cado’s vision is to continue to offer discerning clients in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East top of the line tableware, accessories, decorative items, and lighting that merge aesthetic value with quality and affordability. This ensures we maintain our solid reputation as a market leader.
  • Looking to decorate your home?

    If you’re an interior designer, architect or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, then Top Cado is your first-choice destination.
    The collections are truly outstanding. Classical charm meets Art Deco. Designs that embody the elegance of the past meet avant-garde expressions and futuristic visions. Sophistication meets heartwarming simplicity. Large statement pieces meet small, subtle ornaments. And different materials (from bronze to crystal) come together. Given this multifaceted selection, our decorative items can give interiors the overall feel you’re striving for. We exist to help you make the right impression with every choice.
  • Interested in doing business with us?

    If you have a department store, large shop or a small boutique, doing business with us is a gratifying experience. We treat all our clients with the utmost care, ensuring your requirements are promptly met. We focus on building personal relationships that help us serve you better.
    We care about your success and go the extra mile to offer you a large choice of items that reflect global trends and local preferences. This massive selection of items of different categories means you don’t have to go to multiple wholesalers to stock up. At Top Cado, we even provide you with the suggested retail price to assist you in setting the shelf price in a way that increases sales. Top Cado has it all: high-end items, goods that combine quality with affordability, well-known premium brands, brands with great value, and our own lines and creations. We can even customize and brand items for you. We understand the ins and outs of the market and use this knowledge to assist you in meeting your targets.